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Ian Jones is Long Score 2017 British Champion in the inaugural British Mountain Marathon Championship.

          Mountain marathons (MMs) are a large-scale version of orienteering, often held over 2 days, in mountain terrain with linear courses of 20-50km each day or score courses of 4-7hrs each day. The competitors, in pairs or as individuals carry a small rucksack of equipment and food to sustain them overnight so that, hopefully, they can be rested and ready for another marathon on the second day. Ian partnered with Jeff Powell-Davies from Borderliners for the fourth year to win the long score at the OMM in 2016, Britain’s and the World’s longest running MM in its 50th year this year.

          They continued their success into 2017 with a win at the Marmot Dark Mountain Marathon run overnight in January in the Pennines this year. This was a challenging experience in falling snow and low cloud for much of the event. To be eligible for the British Championships a second result in 2017 from either the LAMM, held in Scotland, or the ROC MM, in the Lake District this year was required. Ian took third place at the ROC to become British Champion for 2017.

View Ian's no.1  British ranking here:
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