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  • Tom Wood

2023 Club Championships at Bodlondeb

The 2023 Club Championships were planned and organized by our new Chair (in between the normal busy-ness of life), and consisted of a series of sprint races, with best overall time for all three to count.

On a sunny morning at the Conwy Council Bodlondeb site on Saturday 9th December 2023, 27 runners had a go at some or all of the sprint courses. For those less keen to go out and back three times, there was a Yellow and eight sets of runners had a go. Nearly 40 individuals took part.

The fastest individual time was an impressive 7 minutes 45 seconds by both Michael Corrales and Sam Drinkwater, but the fastest time for all three courses was by Sam. Age won out though, and after age-adjusted times, Ian Jones and Jenning Heming became our 2023 Champions, coincidently (probably) our longest serving club members (unless you know differently). Anwen Hockley stormed off with the U18 prize and Megan Jones took away the U12 prize on the Yellow course. Well done to all our Champions, and thanks to all who helped.

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